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The Island of Bali - Africa Map

Middle East

The Island of Bali - Middle East Map


The Island of Bali - Asia Map

North America

north america

Central America and Caribbean

Pacific Ocean and Australia


The Island of Bali - Pacific Ocean and Australia


The Island of Bali - Europe Map

South America

The Island of Bali - South America

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a Beautiful Island of Indonesia

It is Bali, an island known as the island of God, a paradise island, island of thousands temple!.




This website is my personal project, aim to give visitors a wide range of information about Bali, island where I live in and as one of a beautiful island of Indonesia. Besides, this website also provide a huge selection of accommodation all over the world. Powered by 2 of the most known accommodation provider websites, Agoda and Booking.


If you have further questions about this website, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you would like to support funding this website project please send us an email. Any amount of funding will help the website to pay at least domain and hosting so that the website can run, and if the funding amount is more that enough then we will try to use the funding for charity.
Email: info@theislandofbali.com
Website: http://www.theislandofbali.com

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