We suppose money doesn’t mean squat when you’re rich, with Indonesians getting to see that embodied IRL recently when Jakarta socialite-slash-drug convict Richard Muljadi said he recently booked an entire flight to Bali for fear of getting infected with the coronavirus while up in the air.

Following the arrival of COVID-19 vaccines from Chinese pharmaceutical firm Sinovac in Bali last night, Governor Wayan Koster announced that he’s ready to be the first one to get the jab on the island to set an example for the public.

The first batch of a COVID-19 vaccine is set to arrive in Bali today, as Indonesia’s new tourism minister brought up the idea of prioritizing vaccination for 70 percent of the province’s population to kickstart tourism on the island.

Update Jan. 6:Coconuts interviewed the woman behind the viral mermaid costume. Read the full story here.

Original story follows.

No one (that we know, anyway) dreams of encountering a mermaid lying amid a pile of rubbish on a Monday, but that’s exactly the sight that a bystander caught this morning on Kuta Beach, a photo of which has been widely circulating across community accounts on Instagram.

As we’re finally nearing the end of what has been dubbed “the longest year” by some people, we here at Coconuts Bali think it’s time to revisit the year’s most popular stories.

A bank teller was found stabbed to death at her home in Denpasar on Monday, with police strongly suspecting that she was a victim of a violent robbery.

The victim, identified as 25-year-old NPW, is an employee of a state-owned bank in the Bali capital.

the island of Bali

A beautiful and cultural rich island of Indonesia, one among 17.000 islands.


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