The Chief of Bali Health Agency, I Ketut Suarjaya, said today that there are seven patients currently under observation across several hospitals on the island, as authorities wait for lab results to confirm whether or not they are infected with the novel coronavirus.


Two of the seven patients are Indonesians, who have just returned from Umrah pilgrimage. The Indonesian man and woman were both initially observed upon their return, though the latter reportedly tested negative for the novel coronavirus, as reported by Kumparan. Authorities are reportedly still waiting for the man’s lab results. 

“The Indonesians are local residents of Bali,” Suarjaya said, as quoted by Kumparan.

At the time of publication, there are no specific timelines given for their travel dates, nor if they were immediately observed after landing in Denpasar. Saudi Arabia last week placed a temporary ban on Umrah pilgrims and subsequently halted issuance of tourist visas to citizens of countries affected by the coronavirus outbreak. The Middle Eastern country yesterday confirmed their first case of COVID-19.

The other patients who are under observation are said to be from Japan and Russia and the agency is still waiting for their lab results as well. The foreign nationals include a Japanese citizen who reportedly had a high fever while passing through Ngurah Rai International Airport yesterday evening. 

Yesterday, Indonesia announced that two citizens have tested positive for the coronavirus, becoming the first people to have officially been confirmed of being infected domestically.

the island of Bali

A beautiful and cultural rich island of Indonesia, one among 17.000 islands.


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