The Denpasar Police suspect that a male foreigner, who is identified as X by local authorities, died after consuming too much tuak, a traditional Balinese liquor, and not due to the novel coronavirus, after videos of his evacuation by a team of medical staff in Denpasar went viral yesterday.


“It has nothing to do with the corona[virus]. Don’t link [the incident] because before the incident he had just gotten back from a liquor store. We are still investigating the specific location,” Jansen Avitus Panjaitan, who heads the Denpasar Police, told Tribun yesterday. 

A video showing a medical team in protective suits moving the foreigner with an ambulance went viral yesterday, leading to suspicions online that he might have come down with COVID-19. 

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According to reports, X appeared to experience seizures before fainting as he was sitting on his motorbike on the sidewalk yesterday afternoon. Officers from the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) first arrived at the scene, but were reportedly apprehensive about assisting X without protective suits at first, as they had no information on his medical history. 

A medical team from the local hospital then arrived wearing protective suits, only to find that X had passed away. The deceased was then brought to Sanglah General Hospital.

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