The Denpasar Court yesterday sentenced a 23-year-old Balinese man to eight years in prison for murdering his wife after a quarrel over her Facebook post. 

“Hereby sentencing the defendant I Ketut Gede Ariasta to eight years’ imprisonment,” presiding judge Heriyanti told the court, as quoted by Kompas.

Ariasta was found guilty of violating Indonesia’s Law on the Elimination of Domestic Violence, though his final sentence is lower than what prosecutors had demanded, which was 12 years in prison. 

The incident took place last October at a boarding house in Denpasar. Police said that Ariasta was offended by a post that the victim, his 21-year-old wife named Ni Gusti Ayu Sriasih, had put up on Facebook because he perceived it as belittling him. 

According to reports from local media then, Ariasta and Ayu had been married since 2015 but decided to split up through traditional means back in June of last year. They began to live separately since but were officially still married. 

Ariasta came by Ayu’s boarding house after seeing her post on Facebook, in which she reportedly wrote about divorcees looking good because they can focus on themselves, whereas wives are said to be filthy, wrinkled and disheveled “as it is the effect of husbands not giving them enough money to take care of themselves.”

“When he arrived at her room, he busted open her door and they got into a quarrel. He then took out a knife from his bag and stabbed her twice,” Josina Lambiombir, who heads the Women and Child Protection Unit (PPA) at the Denpasar Police, previously said. 

Ariasta then left the room and locked the door from the outside, leaving Ayu to bleed. Ayu was then taken to the hospital and was in a critical condition for about two weeks, before eventually succumbing to her injuries on Oct. 31.

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