A 25-year-old man, accused of stealing a motorbike helmet in Kuta, was allegedly beaten violently by an angry crowd last week. The incident led to his death and prompted authorities to launch an investigation, and four people have so far been declared as suspects.

“The action that was carried out by several people, assaulting the victim, we have investigated this matter and we have named four people as suspects,” I Wayan Jiartana, Denpasar Police deputy chief, told Kompas yesterday.

Police are reportedly still looking into the case and said there may be other suspects.  

The incident took place last Friday in Kuta, when the victim a man identified as Muhamad Luthfi from Jember regency, East Java was accused of stealing a motorbike helmet. Local residents in the area turned into an angry mob and many proceeded to beat Lutfi violently. He was then taken to the Kuta Police and later brought to the Sanglah General Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. 

Luthfi’s family filed a report about the incident, and police launched an investigation soon after. According to reports, which referred to a video of the incident, Luthfi appeared to be shirtless as he was beaten violently by several people. Authorities mentioned previously that there was no evidence proving he had stolen the helmet and that CCTV footage only showed him walking back and forth, as if confused. 

As reported by Kompas, authorities said local residents were riled up because Luthfi didn’t communicate clearly and was trying to escape, while in the heat of situation people were led to believe that he had also stolen a motorbike, which allegedly led to the assault.

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